Get cleansed and refreshed with Beautify!

Who else is absolutely DRAINED by this summer heat?! Not to mention all of the sweat and oil build up on our skin and eyelids that comes with it… #BeenThere

But don’t worry, Beautify has a special remedy to take care of that!

For our lovely eyelash extension guests, we are now offering complimentary Lash Baths included with your first lash fill appointment for the month of August!

What’s a lash bath, you ask??

Sit back and relax in our massage chairs while your lash technician washes your lashes for you!! Get all of the grime, oil, and dirt gently scrubbed off of your beautiful lashes. Your lash technician will use a fluffy brush to safely wash your lashes using Beautify’s all-natural lash cleanser.

We naturally get build-up on our eyelash extensions, and it is extremely important they are being washed correctly. If we don’t properly clean our lashes we experience major fallout, and the fluffiness and longevity of our lashes decrease.

A lash bath guarantees a cleaner, more efficient application for your technician, and better retention for your lashes!

Sit back and relax in our super comfortable heated massage chairs while your stylist takes care of the rest. Enjoy a complimentary mimosa, and/or beverage of your choice!🥂☕️

Book Your August Appointment

We are so excited to offer our beautiful lash ladies a complimentary lash bath for your first fill in August. After receiving your complimentary lash bath, you will be able to book your following appointments with a lash bath service! ONLY $10!!

We are ONLY offering to those who pre-book their fill for the month of August. You don’t want to miss out on this deal! Give us a call at (725) 600-9387 to reserve your appointment. We can’t wait to see you!!

✨From hair to makeup, lashes to nails, we are here to Beautify you✨

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Your health and safety is our absolute number one priority, which is why we strictly follow and enforce all sanitary measures recommended by the CDC and State Board of Cosmetology. All tools are sanitized, disinfected, and sterilized for maximum protection and cleanliness.

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