How often do you put on mascara to go out? Every day? A few times a week? Not often at all because you just don’t have enough time every day to put on makeup? What if we told you that none of that has to matter?

Imagine waking up looking like your lashes have already been done. Imagine coming out of the pool or having a good cry at a movie without the tear streaks from runny mascara. Imagine your eyelashes longer, darker, and unique to fit your style. All of this can be your reality, with eyelash extensions!

At Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson, we pride ourselves on excellent Lash Extension services. We know the benefits of our services, and we want to help you simplify, and beautify your routine-with the help of lash extensions in las vegas!


There are many people who have been blessed with naturally thick and long eyelashes. Not everyone is so lucky. In fact, some people struggle to find a mascara that helps add length and volume to their natural lashes, leaving them very little in the way of options.

Lash extensions can solve this issue. When lash extensions are applied, they are added onto your natural lash. Depending on what type of extensions you get, you can add as much length or volume as you want!

Why is length and volume important?

Simple answer, your EYES! The longer and thicker your eyelashes are, the more your eyes POP! This aesthetic benefit can also help to enhance your other-naturally beautiful-facial features. Not to mention, people will be DRAWN to your eyes.


Since eyelash extensions are already dark in color and add length and volume, you don’t have to wear mascara! How amazing is that?? Haven’t you always fantasized about NOT having to put on mascara, while still looking like you were wearing it?

No mascara means no runny mascara! Hallelujah!!

This has got to be one of the most amazing benefits of extensions. No more raccoon-look after a good sob, a day at the pool, or a sweaty session at the gym. Feel free to go about life as usual after whatever activity you have planned because your lashes won’t run away like your mascara used to.

Eliminating the need for mascara also eliminates the need to rub all those harsh chemicals from makeup removers over your eyes and lashes. We all struggle with making sure the residue from our mascara has left our face completely. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like it is completely gone.

With lash extensions las vegas, you won’t just be doing your eyelashes a favor, you’ll be doing the sensitive area around your eyes a favor, too.


At Beautify Salon and Spa, we understand everyone has a different and unique look. We don’t want to take away from that, which is why we offer a variety of Lash Extension services! Let us find the right fit for you and your unique look! Here are the extension services we offer;


Classic Lash Extensions are sets that apply just one lash at a time for each natural lash, the ration being 1 to 1.

While classic lash extensions give a more natural look, they also increase the length and add a little volume in a more subtle way.

This look would be perfect for anyone who likes to rock the more natural look, but also wants to make their eyes stand out. These sets last anywhere from six to eight weeks if cared for properly.

Beautify Salon and Spa offers the following Classic Lash Extension services:

  • Regular Full Set Classic Lashes
  • Regular Classic Lash Fill
  • Master Artist Full Set Classic Lashes
  • Master Artist Classic Lash Fill
  • JR Artist Full Set Classic Lashes
  • JR Artist Classic Lash Fill
  • Classic Set Touch-up


For anyone who is screaming, “GIVE ME MORE VOLUME”, Volume Lash Extensions are what you are looking for.

Volume extensions differ from Classic because instead of only one lash being added to your natural lash, multiple thinner lashes are added to each lash.

This will make your lashes look more full. Volume lashes can last up to about six weeks if cared for properly.

These are the Volume Lash Extension Services that we offer:

  • Regular Full Set Volume Lashes
  • Regular Volume Lash Fill
  • Master Artist- Full Set Volume Lashes
  • Master Artist- Volume Lash Fill
  • JR Artist- Full Set Volume Lashes
  • JR Artist- Volume Lash Fill
  • Volume Set Touch-up


hybrid eyelashes extensions henderson nv

Let’s say you have thinner lashes with gappy areas that need filling, OR you want a specific shape or look for your lashes. The Hybrid Lash Extension that Beautify Salon and Spa has to offer, is the one for you.

The Hybrid is basically a mix between Classic and Volume extensions. Where the lashes are lacking naturally, Volume extensions will be added. Where the lashes are naturally thicker, Classic extensions will be added.

This will create a fuller, more even look. Hybrid lashes can also be applied to create different shapes such as the ‘cat-eye’, ‘squirrel’, or ‘open eye’ looks. Hybrid lashes tend to last three to five weeks if cared for properly.

Here are the different Hybrid Lash Extensions we offer:

  • Regular Full Set Hybrid Lashes
  • Regular Hybrid Lash Fill
  • Master Artist- Full Set Hybrid Lashes
  • Master Artist- Hybrid Lash Fill
  • JR Artist- Full Set Hybrid Lashes
  • JR Artist- Hybrid Lash Fill
  • Hybrid Set Touch-up


Not sure if any of the other options listed above are for you? That’s okay! Beautify Salon and Spa will work with you to create a custom look! Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know what you are looking to get done. We will help you fulfill that vision!


We would not glue eyelashes on you and not offer a service to remove them. If you want them off at any time, make an appointment to have them removed! Easy-peasy!


Still a little nervous? Don’t be!!

None of our lash services are damaging to your natural lashes as long as you care for them properly. For example, don’t rub your eyes or pull at the extensions or you can risk them falling out or pulling out your natural lash. We would be happy to address all your questions or concerns.

Our goal is to enhance your natural beauty, not take away from it.

At Beautify Salon and Spa, we just know you’ll love the lashes we send you home with. If you’re looking for Lash Extensions Las Vegas, you came to the right place! You’ll be surprised at how much time you save getting ready, and how much it enhances your natural beauty, even when you aren’t wearing any makeup!