It’s hard to believe that the Fall of 2020 is already upon us. This year has been a whirlwind, and it isn’t over yet. Officially, Fall begins September 22nd. Que the changing colors of the leaves, the hint of crispness in the air, and the onset of Halloween decorations.

Are you prepared for the changes your beauty routine may call for to adapt to the cooler weather? Don’t let Fall catch you off guard (like the whole year has done to us so far). In this month’s Beautify Salon and Spa blog, we are Getting to the Bottom of Autumn– we’re going to cover some holiday beauty tips to help you prepare for (and embrace) the Fall. 

Stay Moisturized This Holiday

This might be perhaps the most important of all the holiday beauty tips! In the summer, our sebaceous glands produce more oil from sweating as a result of the warm weather (duh, you knew that right?). As a result, we typically choose a lighter moisturizer to complement our daily routine.

As we progress into cooler weather this fall, our sebaceous glands won’t have to work overtime as much, and our skin will be significantly less oily. This also means skin will be more apt to dry out from the lack of oils and sweat that it had adjusted to in the summer. Be sure to find a heavier moisturizer that can balance out the dryer, cooler weather.

Every skin type is different, so finding the moisturizer that works best for you is important. 

Your face and body wash may need to change, as well. If the cleansers you were using during the summer helped to clear up and control excess oil, you may need to find something for the fall that will help retain moisture and refrain from stripping your skin of it’s natural oils.

Balance is key. Be sure to ease into your new routine gradually to reduce irritation on the skin. 

Did Someone Say Seasonal Hair Loss?!

Did you know that seasonal hair-loss is a thing? From late summer to late fall, people can experience more hair loss than normal. Studies have shown that hair is more likely to go through the telogen phase (when the hair stops growing and falls out) during this time frame. So, what can you do to help nourish your hair during this inevitable cycle?

Moisturize! Colder weather means dryer weather, which means less moisture in your hair! Getting deep conditioning will help keep your hair moisturized, which will help prevent breakage and further damage to your hair shaft. At Beautify Salon and Spa, we offer deep conditioning treatments. We also offer split end treatment, and a Keratin conditioning treatment.

It’s Holiday Nail Season

Are you really Getting to the Bottom of Autumn if you haven’t already started getting holiday themed nails?!

Preparing for the Fall doesn’t have to be all drab. It can be fun to decorate our home, buy new clothes, shoes, and work the season to our advantage. Why not spice things up a little with, say, a manicure or pedicure (or both)! With Halloween right around the corner, it may be time to paint them purple, black, orange, and maybe put in a little web design (we’re so punny).

Or perhaps you just want to match your nails to the fall color palette of yellow, brown, red, or purple to compliment your wardrobe. Whatever style or service you’d like performed on your nails, Beautify Salon and Spa has you covered.

Get Ya Bum Outside!

Have you ever felt a little more down in the dumps around this time of year? You could be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.). We covered SAD in an earlier blog, but it is just as important now as it was then. Take a look at the symptoms that lists that may accompany SAD and see if any apply to you:

  • Feeling depressed most of the day
  • Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed 
  • Low energy
  • Problems sleeping
  • Changes in appetite or weight
  • Sluggish or agitated 
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Hopelessness

The exact cause of SAD is unknown, but there are a few factors that come into play including; 1) your biological clock is all out of whack from the shorter days and decreased sunlight exposure, 2) reduced levels of serotonin from a lack of sunlight, and 3) reduced melatonin levels. Sunlight seems to play a major factor.

Whatever the reason SAD affects us, it is important that we combat those symptoms to take care of our mind, body, and soul as we adapt to the changing season. Here are some helpful things you can do to keep your spirits up during this time;

Exercise! Exercising will increase blood flow in your body, relieve stress and anxiety, and keep you healthier in general. You already know exercising is good for you. Use it to your advantage. 

Get outside! Take a walk, eat your lunch in a park, take some nearby shelter dogs on a walk. Walk around downtown. Get some fresh air! Getting outside will not only help your mood, but will also help your body adjust more smoothly to the changing weather. The more often you get out, the better. 

Make things a bit brighter! Open up those curtains and let some light in. Sit closer to windows when you are inside. Embrace the sun whenever possible! A brighter home will help lift your mood. Trust us! 

Take care of yourself, and treat yourself! Self-love is soooooo important. Take some time to pamper yourself. Get that manicure. Style your hair. Light some candles and enjoy a bubble bath. Watch your favorite flick. Do something for YOU! 

Go Forth & Conquer Fall!!

Holiday beauty tips are vital this time of year! Now that we’re done Getting to the Bottom of Autumn, you know how to prepare as we transition out of summer, go forth and kick Fall’s arse! Help your friends who may be having a hard time adjusting.

We are all in this together. At Beautify Salon and Spa, we want you to feel happy, confident, and beautiful this season. Don’t let Fall be your downfall (okay, okay, we’ll stop). We’ll see you soon!

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