Are you looking for the right nail salon to commit your unwavering loyalty to? Or perhaps you have grown bored of your current nail tech, and want to try something new?

Look no further, girl!

At Beautify Nail Salon in Henderson, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of literally the best nail services in the city, including an exclusive style that only our Henderson Nail Salon offers.

Not sure where to start or what to get done?

Don’t sweat it, we can help you with that.

Let’s take a look at all the services our Nail Salon in Henderson has to offer. If you have any questions about any of these services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (725) 600-9387 or We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our Exclusive Gravity-Pulled Glass Gel Nails

One style that we offer exclusively are Gravity-Pulled Glass Gel Nails. Doesn’t that sound out of this world?

This style cannot be done anywhere else in Las Vegas, or anywhere else in Nevada!

There are many benefits of using glass; your nails won’t yellow over time, there will be no foul odors to endure, and the nail won’t lift or crack. The glass is so lightweight, it will feel just like your natural nails– except super cute and durable.

Since the glass is gravity-pulled, there will be no filing or damage to your natural nail.

You can also choose to wear it with gel, polish, or nothing at all! The nails are cured to a glass-like finish that will have your friends asking, “WHO does your nails?!”.

Choose to tell them your exclusive secret, or keep them guessing.

Acrylic Nails

Whether you are new to getting your nails done, or you’re a seasoned customer, our Nail Salon in Henderson has the right Acrylic style just for you.

If you aren’t sure what is involved with getting Acrylic nails, we will break it down for you!

First, all old polish or gel is removed from your natural nail, to start with a clean surface.

Then, we will trim your nail, and file the surface so that the Acrylic solution bonds to it more easily. Since this process thins the surface of your natural nail, if you have brittle or thin nails, you may want to consider a different style or work on strengthening your nails before choosing Acrylic.

Next, a fake nail tip is applied to the tip of your natural nail, at a length of your choosing.

Once it is applied, we mix a polymer powder with a liquid monomer, to make a thick Acrylic ball. We then smooth the ball over the surface of your natural nail, as well as the fake nail. Once the solution has dried, we shape the nail using a file.

The last step is to choose the polish you want to decorate it with!

Acrylic nails can last for up to two to three weeks before they need to be filled, and six to eight weeks before they need to be replaced. Our salon also offers a Gel Overlay to our Acrylic style, if you prefer gel over polish.

Gel Manicure

While Acrylic nails have been around for decades, Gel nails were only recently introduced in the 1980’s.

Many people prefer to get Gel nails over Acrylic. There are two types of Gel nails; hard and soft.

The hard gel comes as a gel and, once hardened, is tough enough to allow the nail tech to create an extension off of your natural nail. Soft Gel is used as an overlay option, or as a polish, but is too thin to create an extension.

All forms of Gel must be cured, or hardened, under a UV light.

You might ask, what is the benefit of using Gel over Acrylic?

Some people are allergic to the chemicals used for Acrylic services, therefore, gel nails allow these people to enjoy an extension service that is free of those harsh chemicals.

Others also believe that Gel nails feel more natural, and are less rigid than Acrylic nails.

Gel nails also last longer without chipping or cracking. Not to mention, it is a healthier option for your natural nails!

What are the Cons of Gel over Acrylic?

Gel nails can be more costly than Acrylic, and they are more difficult to remove. Gel nails must be removed by a professional nail tech, or you can risk doing damage to your natural nail.

Regular Manicure

Let’s say you don’t need all the fancy-schmancy Acrylic or Gel styles. Let’s say you just want the basics!

Our Henderson Nail Salon offers that, too! Just want a basic nail trim, cuticle push, and polish? We’ve got your back. Or…nail.

Don’t forget those feet!

Gosh, we got so hung up on our hands, let’s not forget about the nails we have on our feet! Those need just as much attention! Let’s show you what Pedicure options we have available.

Night in Vegas Pedicure

This is as glamorous as it sounds. When you sit down, you will receive a glass of champagne to settle in.

We will work in a relaxing Agave sugar foot scrub, apply an Agave scented foot wrap, followed up with a leg and foot massage. Then we will contour your legs with a tinted moisturizing lotion, and a shimmering shine spray to give your legs a sexy, slimming appearance.

We will finish your feet off with cuticle oil and a nail lacquer of your choosing, and two decals before sending you out on the town. If that won’t make you feel like a million bucks, what will?

Wake Up With Beautify Pedicure

More of a morning person? Why not start your day with our Wake Up With Beautify Pedicure? Come as you are, and enjoy a cup of coffee, or a mimosa, while we work those feet!

We use an exfoliating coffee sugar scrub to wake up your soul (get it?!).

We then use a coffee-scented leg mask wrapped in hot towels, a coffee leg and foot massage, and finish those toes off with cuticle oil and nail lacquer of your choice before sending you out the door, ready to start the day.

What a perfect way to wake up!

Mani and Pedi’s Anyone?

Can’t decide if you want to get your hands or feet done? Why not do both?

With our Mani & Pedi duo, you can have the best of both worlds, and leave with your fingers AND toes feeling fabulous.

Looking to get back to the simple basics? Just get a classic pedicure then girl! Whether you want regular polish or gel, we can offer a classic pedicure that is simple, yet elegant.

Feel like treating your little one as well? We also offer a kids pedicure that will make them feel JUST as special as you!

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Written by: Jessica