At Beautify, our incredibly talented nail artists do not disappoint!

We offer three different nail services to choose from at Beautify Salon and Spa. And we get it girl– deciding which type of manicure to get can be confusing!

What’s the difference between gel, acrylic, and Gravity-Pulled Glass Gel Nails? No need to worry: Beautify Salon’s got you covered. Let’s have a chat on the difference between these three types of Beautify manicures. After you’ve picked your favorite, you can book an appointment with us below!

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Whether you are new to getting your nails done, or you’re a seasoned customer, our Nail Salon in Henderson has the right Acrylic style just for you. If you aren’t sure what is involved with getting Acrylic nails, we will break it down for you!

But first, what is acrylic exactly? Well according to Woman’s World:

Acrylic nails are nail enhancements made by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powdered acrylic product, according to Nails Magazine.

The two products (known as a monomer and a polymer, respectively) together form a soft ball that can be fashioned into a nail shape. Once a nail technician applies this acrylic to a client’s nails, the material hardens and becomes much stronger. And then it can be buffed and filed to the customer’s liking.

Woman’s World

First, all old polish or gel is removed from your natural nail, to start with a clean surface.

Then, we will trim your nail, and file the surface so that the Acrylic solution bonds to it more easily. Since this process thins the surface of your natural nail, if you have brittle or thin nails, you may want to consider a different style or work on strengthening your nails before choosing Acrylic.

Next, a fake nail tip is applied to the tip of your natural nail, at a length of your choosing.

Once it is applied, we make a thick Acrylic ball. We then smooth the ball over the surface of your natural nail, as well as the fake nail. Once the solution has dried, we shape the nail using a file.

The last step is to choose the polish you want to decorate it with!

Acrylic nails can last for up to two to three weeks before they need to be filled, and six to eight weeks before they need to be replaced. Our salon also offers a Gel Overlay to our Acrylic style, if you prefer gel over polish!

What About Gel Nails?

While Acrylic nails have been around for decades, Gel nails were only recently introduced in the 1980’s.

While acrylic nails are a classic popular choice, gel has taken over the manicure scene.

There are two types of Gel nails; hard and soft.

The hard gel comes as a gel and, once hardened, is tough enough to allow the nail tech to create an extension off of your natural nail. Soft Gel is used as an overlay option, or as a polish, but is too thin to create an extension.

Regardless of which type of gel your salon uses, one thing remains the same– all forms of Gel must be cured, or hardened, under a UV light.

So what is the benefit of choosing Gel over Acrylic?

Some people are allergic to the chemicals used for Acrylic services, therefore, gel nails allow these people to enjoy an extension service that is free of those harsh chemicals.

Others also believe that Gel nails feel more natural, and are less rigid than Acrylic nails.

Gel nails also last longer without chipping or cracking. Not to mention, it is a healthier option for your natural nails!

Gel nails can also be a bit more costly than Acrylic, and they are more difficult to remove. Gel nails must be removed by a professional nail tech, or you can risk doing damage to your natural nail.

Like nail polish, gels come in a wide range of colors, but unlike nail polish, they last for up to 2 weeks!

What are Gravity-Pulled Glass Gel Nails?

Beautify exclusively offers Gravity-Pulled Glass Gel Nails that you will not find anywhere in Las Vegas and in the entire state of Nevada. Why use glass? The benefits are endless.

There is no yellowing, no odor, no lifting or cracking, and they are so lightweight it feels just like your natural nails but as durable as acrylic. They are gravity pulled so there is no abrasive filing or damage to your natural nail. Because they are cured to a glass-like finish, they can be worn with or without gel polish or nail lacquer.

On top of that, you can also choose to wear it with gel, polish, or nothing at all! The nails are cured to a glass-like finish that will have your friends asking, “WHO does your nails?!”.

Choose to tell them your exclusive secret, or keep them guessing.

Which Type of Manicure Should I Get?

Now, these are just the specialized types of manicures Beautify offers. You can still have a basic manicure done with regular polish as well, if you’re not feeling some beautiful fake nails.

We know we gave you a lot of options today, so we completely understand if you’re still undecided! When choosing a type of manicure, you’ll want to take into account what your lifestyle is. Are you a habitual nail biter or picker? If so, you might want to opt for a stronger, long-lasting manicure like gel nails.

If you’re the nails-for-occasion type of person and like to rip those babies off as soon as the event is over, gel nails probably aren’t for you; you’re better off going with acrylic. Just as beautiful for that wedding, but a much quicker removal time.

If you are a total nail person, and your Saturday salon visit is your favorite day of your week, Gravity Glass Pulled Nails are the way to go.

Not to worry though. Beautify Salon and Spa has you covered no matter what your choice of manicure is! We offer high-quality products in a wide range of colors that will keep your nails looking flawless, and experience nail techs available whenever you need a fresh look.

If you’re ready to get your perfect set of nails, book an appointment with us today:

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