At Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson Las Vegas, we are often asked what is Balayage?

Pronounced “baa-lay-ahge”, is a French method for painting and in the language of hair, means a hair color technique with which our skilled stylists use to give our clients their own unique look!

This technique allows a natural blending or “melting” of tones seamlessly giving a beautiful natural-looking, sun-kissed look. The best part about a Balayage, and part of the appeal for our clients, is not only the natural look, but also the softer, less noticeable re-growth, as you hair begins to grow out.

As well, a balayage will look slightly different on each individual, depending heavily on hair type and color beneath- blonde, brunettes, or reds all will have a different shadow color.

However, each Beautify technician has an individual approach to creating a unique blend of color to create an exclusive look just for their client!

Beautified Balayages

What Is The Difference Between Balayage and Ombre?

These two hair techniques are often confused with each other. So what IS the difference between a Balayage and an Ombre?

To keep it really simple, Ombre is the transition to a very light color from a dark beginning.

Ombre is a more extreme look than Balayage. It begins at the top with a very dark shade of color, the middle being a bit lighter of a color, and the ends being extremely light.

It creates a more dramatic finish than that subtle, easy flow of color that Balayage creates.

Beautify Salon and Spa does both- ask one of our awesome stylists which one might be ideal for your hair goals!

How Long Does Balayage Last?

Like most hair coloring techniques, a Balayage will last approximately 8-12 weeks. Of course, every woman and her hair is different!

Your hair may grow very quickly, very slowly, may not retain color well, or may retain color extremely well! It is simply up to you and your specific hair type.

What Makes Balayage So Popular?

Just like every trend in our culture, hair styles and colors change form decade to decade- and in this time period, the style is Balayage and Ombre!

The hair fad has certainly taken a trend not only with us common people, but with the celebrities as well.

Celebrities like Victoria’s Secret model Gisele, model Chrissy Teigen and world famous Khloe Kardashian, have piqued a huge interest and uptick in the hair style.

And don’t be swayed by the popular assumption that Balayage’s can only be done or look good on longer hair! Not true! Balayage looks great on women of all hair lengths!

Why Would You Want a Balayage?

Balayage is great for anyone really! But especially for those women who are looking for a low maintenance color that still looks incredible.

If you are a “low-key” person, looking for a “low-key” look for your hair, Balayage is the way you want to go!

Balayage helps you accomplish a natural look, that is not only gorgeous, but low maintenance. You and your friends will hardly notice when your hair begins to grow out- you won’t need to rush to the salon to cover up your roots immediately!

How Much Does Balayage Cost?

A Beautify Balayage is usually $135 + up depending on length and thickness of the hair of course!

The Beautify Salon and Spa features the most talented and experienced stylists in Las Vegas and can provide you the Balayage and other hair treatments and services designed to make you look and feel unique and beautiful.

Conveniently located in Henderson Las Vegas, we know you will not only enjoy the fresh, cleanliness of the area and our salon, but the overall Beautify experience will leave feeling beautiful and rejuvenated!