From your wedding dress to shoes that are comfortable, yet stylish, to your carefully chosen jewelry, there are tons of details that go into creating your wedding day look. Your choice of hairstyle is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.

How you choose to wear your hair will have an impact on your whole look and style. Will you opt for something soft and romantic? Chic and polished? Or maybe you’re dreaming of something that’s perfectly on-trend? If so, keep reading to learn a few wedding hair trends we’ll see plenty of in 2022.

Center Parts and Soft Waves

In 2020, as many of us suddenly found ourselves with more time to spend each day watching reel after reel on TikTok, plenty of new style trends were popularized by influencers. From ribbed tops and ripped jeans to tie-dye everything, these fashion trends spread fast. But TikTok spread more than just some popular new clothing styles; it also had an impact on leading beauty trends.

One trend to emerge — or should we say re-emerge — in 2020 was the middle part. Of course, this isn’t the first time the middle part has gained popularity. It was the go-to style for women in the 1920s and the 1970s, and most recently the 1990s. Now, teens and young adults have brought this throwback style back into fashion, and it’s making its way into wedding hair trends, too.

Middle parts can be flattering for a variety of hairstyles and lengths. It pairs well with a chic low pony, or with your hair down and curled in loose, soft waves. Chic bobs get a modern upgrade with a sharp center part, too.

Long and Intricate Braids

It’s been a few years since Game of Thrones started its rise to fame. But this trend that was no doubt influenced by the popular show remains. Full, voluminous braids and intricate plaits continue to be a popular choice for brides. These braids can be romantic, beachy, or boho. They work great with curled locks and some beautiful highlights to add depth to your braided style.

To take your braids to the next level, you can add a variety of accessories. Hair combs and pins are great for modern or romantic looks, while a touch of real or fake baby’s breath is great for a more natural, bohemian style.

Textured Updos

Chic, sleek updos have long been a popular choice for formal weddings. However, in recent years, those updos have become softer and more natural. Textured updos help to create that perfectly-tousled look that keeps your look natural, yet polished. 

Curled or teased locks are twisted into low buns, with a few loose strands framing the bride’s face. This style is a particularly good choice for women with thin hair, as it can help to add volume.

Chic and Full Ponytails

Another polished wedding hair trend that’s seen a decline in recent years is the perfect, sleek ponytail. This doesn’t mean that ponytails have disappeared; instead, they’ve become more full, and are often adorned with accessories. Bows and silk scarves or other accessories help to turn your everyday ponytail into a look that’s wedding day ready.

If you’re dreaming of a long, full ponytail on your big day but your natural hair just isn’t there just yet, consider extensions. These are great for adding both length and volume so that you can achieve the wedding day look you’ve always wanted. 

Hand-tied hair extensions are the least damaging option available. This is a good choice for brides who want to protect their hair but still enjoy some length and volume on their big day! If you’ve decided to get extensions for your wedding day, make sure that you’re choosing the best hair extensions Henderson NV has to offer.

Half-Up Braids and Beachy Waves

If you’re thinking that the romantic hair trend is going to be big in 2022, you’d be right. This is yet another soft style that’s making waves in the New Year — literally. This trend actually combines two trends we’ve already discussed; intricate braids and soft waves.

This half-up-do is achieved by creating several braids that can be twisted and pinned into place. The rest of the hair is curled to create natural-looking, beach-inspired braids. If your hair isn’t naturally thick, this is another style that can easily be achieved with a little help from some hand-tied extensions.

Antique-Inspired Accessories

Game of Thrones isn’t the only television show having an impact on popular wedding day hairstyles. The hit series Bridgerton has led to a resurgence in the popularity of Regency-era-inspired styles. 

For weddings, this means a rise in the popularity of Regency-style hair accessories. Beaded combs, silk flowers, tiaras, and fabric bows are just a few of the trends making their way into the inspiration boards of soon-to-be brides. These accessories work best with a romantic up-do, though some may work with a half-updo. 

If you plan to wear a hair accessory on your big day, make sure to let your stylist know ahead of time. Bring the accessory to your hair trial day so that you can see exactly how it will look with your chosen hairstyle. This will also give your stylist a chance to show you the best style for keeping it secured in place while you dance the night away at your reception.

Choosing the Right Wedding Day Hair Style for Your 2022 Nuptials

From soft updos to beachy waves and braids, these are just a few of the wedding day hairstyles that are poised to be popular in 2022. If you’re planning to tie the knot next year, let this list inspire your wedding day style.

If you’re considering a style that could use a little extra length or volume, hair extension can help with that. Hand-tied extensions are great for protecting your hair from unnecessary damage while still achieving the length and volume you’re dreaming of. 

If you’ve decided to get extensions for your big day, make sure that you’re choosing the best hair extensions Henderson NV has to offer. Our experienced stylists can help you achieve your dream wedding hairstyle, with or without a little help from some extensions. Book your appointment today to see for yourself how beautiful hand-tied extensions can help you achieve the wedding day style you’re dreaming of!