Like other beauty trends, popular nail trends come and go each year. Often, they go hand-in-hand with those other beauty trends. When natural hair and light makeup are in vogue, light-colored, shorter, rounded nails often take the place of bold-hued and uniquely shaped nails as most-requested in salons.

In 2022, we’ll see some nail trends from years past make a comeback, while new ones also emerge. Trying to decide what to ask for during your next visit to the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer? Check out this list of the top trends making waves in salons across the country in 2022.

Vibrant Hues

One big thing that changes each year? The popular colors and shades that salon go-ers are requesting when getting their nails done. In 2022, you can expect to see plenty of bright, bold, and vibrant colors making their way out of the salon.

Bright pops of red and orange, hot pink, and other summer-ready colors are among the most popular choices this year. But many more muted, pastel tones are also making their way onto our hands. This includes the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year, a soft shade of purple called Very Peri. Expect to see plenty of pastel tones early in the year, too. These are often a top choice during the spring months.

Half Moons

The French Manicure is one style that’s always in style. Since its invention in 1976, this timeless nail trend has been a popular choice in salons. It is especially popular for brides and special events, but is also great for everyday wear.

But if you want a subtle style that’s a little more fresh and modern than the French manicure, ask for a half moon style instead. This style features a half moon shape in a different color at the base of the nail. Often, this color compliments the color used on the rest of the nail. The result is a subtle, yet polished look that’s perfect for celebrating formal occasions as well as for those that prefer a minimalist look for their everyday nails. 

Of course, if you prefer something a bit more bold, you can also opt for a contrasting color for the base of your nail.

Euphoria-Inspired Nails

While the popular HBO show Euphoria first debuted in 2019, it didn’t start rapidly picking up speed until the second season was released in January of this year. But by last fall, the show was already influencing popular fashion and beauty trends.

You’ve no doubt seen the TikTok videos of young men and women revamping their outfits to show how they’d dress if they went to Euphoria High. But we’re also seeing some of those trends spill over on the runway and throughout the fashion world.

Makeup trends like bold eyes and lots of shades of blue are one beauty trend that’s been influenced by Euphoria. Clothing that’s heavily inspired by 90s trends, with bold cut outs, low-rise jeans, and bright colors are also coming back in style thanks to the show. But nail trends are one way that fans are showing their love for this popular show and their favorite characters.

Extra long nails decorated in bold patterns, bright and daring colors, and even lots of rhinestones have all been spotted on the runway and worn by celebrities in recent months. You’ll also see plenty of these on the show. Maddy sported a set of “caged” nails, which featured criss-crossing black lines on a white background, with tiny rhinestones at the intersection of each of the lines. 

Want to channel your favorite character? Ask your stylist for ideas on going big and bold during your next visit to the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer.

Fun Graphics

If you grew up in the 90s and loved decorating your nails with tiny, fun stickers long before you could head to the salon each month to have them professionally done, this next trend is for you. Small, fun, and funky graphics are making their way back onto our nails in 2022.

Smiley faces are one popular choice. But this is one trend that’s easy to make your own. Talk to your nail stylist about some of the fun shapes and images they can help you create, then mix and match with bold colors to bring more attention to this unique style.

Shimmer and Shine

If you’re thinking that many of the nail trends becoming popular in 2022 are bold and eye-catching, you’d be right. Over the top and attention grabbing nails are certainly in style this year. If you prefer something a little more subtle but no less eye-catching, ask for a shimmer finish to your nails. A shimmery top coat can take even more neutral colors to the next level.

Barely There Nails

This next trend may seem out of place on this year’s list. But much like the French Manicure, the barely-there nail is another style that’s shown no signs of ever going out of style. 

Neat, short, and rounded nails painted in a neutral or natural shade add a polished look to any outfit. These go perfectly with those beachy waves and natural makeup you might love to sport during the summer months. Love to get outdoors when the weather warms? You can still have pretty, polished nails without worrying about them getting in your way with this trend.

Visiting the Best Nail Salon Henderson, Nevada Has to Offer

From bright, vibrant colors to bold styles inspired by a popular TV show to neutral, barely-there nails, these are just a few of the trends we are seeing this year. Now that you know a few of the nail trends making waves in 2022, it’s time to schedule your next salon visit. 

At the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer, our experienced stylists can help you bring your nail vision to life with these and other trends. Book your next appointment online today!