These days, there are many different ways that we can restore and preserve a more youthful appearance. With the advancement of science in the past few decades, plastic surgery doesn’t have to be the only option when it comes to banishing our evidence of aging.

However, it is also important to be educated about any and all options before going through with any procedure, and to choose the one that is right for YOU!

Here at Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson, we offer a safe and effective service that can help fill in wrinkles, lines, plump lips, and combat sagging skin. It is called the Hyaluron Pen Fillers, and it is all the rage!

Let us tell you about what this treatment is, and why it is an excellent treatment option!


The Hyaluron Pen Filler treatment has been a growing trend since 2017, making it a more up-and-coming treatment option. The pen launches a mixture of Hyaluronic Acid into the skin using pressure (Hyaluron Acid is a naturally-occurring substance in the body that helps our skin retain moisture, elasticity, and speeds up the healing process of skin wounds).

The result of the application is smoother, plumper skin. NO NEEDLES are used, only pressure, making this an excellent alternative to Botox and Dermal Fillers (which can have serious side effects).


Who really likes getting poked with needles? NOBODY!

A lot of women shy away from Dermal Fillers and Botox because those options use needles to inject the skin with fillers and chemicals.

Aside from the fear of the pointy injector itself, there are many things that can go wrong with injections; Irritation at the site, bruising, rashes, asymmetry, infection, damage to the skin at the site of injection, temporary loss of vision due to blood vessels being restricted which can slow blood flow to the eyes…need we go on?

The Hyaluron Pen Fillers Las Vegas used at Beautify Salon and Spa does NOT use needles– only pressure to apply the Hyaluronic Acid. That makes this option FAR more desirable, and safe. We can all handle a little pressure, but not all of us can handle a prick (we are so punny!).

Hyaluron Pen: 1 Other Fillers: 0


Scientific Fact: Hyaluronic Acid, also known as Hyaluronan (sounds like the name of a romance novel’s lead male character), is a clear and gooey substance our body creates. Its main function is to retain water in your tissue to keep you well lubricated and moist (thanks, Hyaluronan!).

The highest concentration of this liquid is found in our eyes and in our joints. It is produced in larger quantities in our youth, and in lower quantities, as we age, which is part of the reason why our skin starts to wrinkle, sag, and lose elasticity.

Since this substance is something our bodies create, it is scientifically impossible to be allergic to it, or to have a bad reaction to the substance, making this one of the most non-invasive treatments there is.

Hyaluron Pen: 2 Other fillers: 0


Many filler treatments out there require some kind of downtime. For example, with Botox, you are advised not to lay down for four hours after treatment, to avoid putting on makeup the rest of the day, and to avoid massaging anything into your face for a couple of days.

Basically, DON’T MOVE! Yikes!

Even getting Dermal Fillers with needles can have unexpected side-effects that will warrant unanticipated downtime (bruising, swelling, allergic reactions). Who can honestly predict if that will happen or not? Better not to take the risk!

With the Hyaluron Pen fillers Las Vegas, there is NO downtime after treatment. Since pressure is the only method used, you can simply go about your day after treatment, and no one will know the wiser. It will be our little secret!

Hyaluron Pen: 3 Other Fillers: 0


We know the big question on your mind; How long do the results of this filler last? Well, it all depends on how many treatments you get, and where you get them, really.

After your initial treatment, and depending on how quickly your body metabolizes the Hyaluronic Acid, results may only last a few months. In order for the filler to last longer, you must stay well-hydrated and it is recommended that you complete a course of 4-6 treatments. As your tissue plumps up after each treatment, the results will last even longer. Average results last anywhere between 6-18 months.

Let’s compare this to our other options.

The effects of Botox wear off between 3-6 months, at which time you would need to be treated again. Most Dermal Fillers last 6-12 months before additional treatment is needed.

Well, it looks like the Hyaluron Pen Filler may last you quite a bit longer than its competitors!

Hyaluron Pen: 4 Other Fillers: 0


Now that you’re in-the-know about this trendy and amazing miracle pen, aren’t you as psyched as we are about it? We know you are just dying to see the results of the Hyaluron Pen fillers Las Vegas, and we just can’t wait to help you enhance your natural beauty!

At Beautify Salon and Spa in, Henderson, we KNOW you may be hesitant or have more questions. We welcome your questions and concerns, as each member of our team is completely certified in the Hyaluron Pen Filler technique!

We know what we’re doing, and we want you to be at complete ease when you come in for your treatment.

What are you waiting for? Appointments are FILLING up fast (haha, get it?).