Hair extensions are becoming more popular than ever right now!

Due to the pandemic and being quarantined, many people opted to cut their hair short for low maintenance. And now, at the start of 2021, everyone is starting to come out of hiding, and they want their long hair back!

Extensions have been a popular solution, and there are different types of extensions you can choose from. 

Hand-tied hair extensions are one of the most popular extension services that customers request. The name describes this type of extension perfectly.

The extension wefts are woven (or tied) in by hand. Since it is done by hand, your stylist has the ability to give each weft custom attention and put it where you need it the most. 

It is important to know how hand-tied extensions work, and how to upkeep them.  Details about washing, products, and maintenance will help you prolong the life of your extensions, keeping you looking fabulous even longer!

Take a peek at our step by step guide on How to Wash Hand-Tied Hair Extensions:

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions For Beginners

Now if you are here, you probably already have hair extensions, so you know exactly what hand-tied hair extensions are. But we’ll talk briefly about what they are, on the off chance that maybe you are new to the hair extension game, or just considering getting some and want to know about care.

Hand-tied wefts are attached by a professional’s hand, and thin by design. Thin wefts are ideal for anyone with naturally fine hair who are looking to avoid the heat or glue of tape-ins.

Hand-tied hair extensions, like tape-ins, lay flat to the head, without the bulk and the peek-a-boos (meaning you can see those extensions girl!).

Let’s break it down even more. Wefts are rows of hair bound together, then cut to match the circumference of your head. We attach them by combining hair from the weft and hair from your head through a bead and clamping down to seal them together.

Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Beautify hand-tied hair extensions are the least damaging hair extensions out there!

The benefits of hair-tied extensions are what makes them so desirable. When applied correctly, they are seamless! They lay flat, which makes them a perfect option for people with finer, thinner hair.

Hand-tied wefts are also easier to camouflage into natural hair. If someone touches your head, it will be harder for them to detect the extensions. Another benefit is that no harsh chemicals or heat are needed to apply the extensions, so they can be adjusted and even removed easily.

People that frequent the gym, swim, or who have more oily/wet hair and scalps dig hand-tied extensions because there are no chemicals or glue holding them in. 

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions are known to be more comfortable to wear and to touch than any other hair extensions!

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s jump right in with How to Wash Hand-Tied Hair Extensions:

Washing Your Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

If you want your hair extensions to last, you may want to take a few easy steps before sopping those extensions!

Most people treat their hair extensions like their normal hair. And no– this is not always a good thing! You’d be surprised…

Some people are very rough on their extensions. But we don’t have to tell you how expensive an investment your extensions are! Therefore, it couldn’t hurt to baby them, am I, right ladies?!

Let’s talk about a few steps you can take while washing to keep your extensions in good shape:

Brushing Extensions

It is recommended that you brush your hair before getting it wet so that it is already detangled, and easier to work with once you are in your shower.

Now if you are anything like me, brushing your hair before showering may seem redundant. That goes back to treating our natural hair rough philosophy. But when you have extensions, brushing your hair and extensions out before a shower can certainly extend their lifespan.

When brushing, you’ll want to start from the middle and pay special attention to the beads. Make sure each section of hair attached to the beads is loose and separated.

Shampooing Extensions

We know you want to extend the life of your extensions as long as possible, so washing your hair may cause a bit of anxiety.

Not to worry, Beautify Salon and Spa has products that you can choose from. But even if you don’t purchase products from us, it is still important that you know what products are safe to use. 

You want to avoid anything too heavy that will cause residue to build up around your extensions.

Make sure the products you are using are sulfate-free and gentle. Products that have heavy protein, silicone, or that are made to treat damaged hair will produce more oil, which will congregate around the extensions. 

Be gentle when you wash your extensions. Harsh scrubbing or rubbing is not necessary and could damage your extensions over time. Gentle hand motions are perfect and just as effective. Avoid over-washing your extensions.

Since the extensions are not receiving moisture directly from your scalp like your normal hair, over-washing will dry them out and cause unnecessary damage.

Occasional Deep Conditioning

Conditioning your extensions is just as important as conditioning your natural hair. It helps restore moisture and hydration to keep your hair healthy, and it also helps prevent damage. 

When conditioning your extensions, it is recommended that you practice an every-other-wash routine. That way, they are getting the moisture they need, but won’t have a lot of buildup from over-conditioning. 

It is also important to deep condition your extensions. Doing this once or twice a week would suffice.

At Beautify Salon and Spa, we have deep-conditioning products available for purchase that would work perfectly. We would also be more than happy to make recommendations for what kinds of products to look for and to avoid.

Technique for Washing

Vital to our How to Wash Hand-Tied Hair Extensions guide: for beaded hair extensions, washing your hair as little as possible will prolong the life of the extensions.

In fact, it is recommended that you use a dry shampoo for those in-between wash days, to help keep your hair looking fresh, without overwashing. For beaded extensions, washing your hair only two or three times per week is ideal when you are trying not to put too much strain on the beads. 

It is also helpful not to tip your hair too far forward or backward when in the shower, as this adds unnecessary weight to the beads, and can loosen and damage them over time.

Instead, try letting them water flow straight down your hair by standing right under the stream. That way, the weight of most of your hair is supported by your back instead of being hung out in front or back of you.

Be Careful of the Beads!

As always, try to comb or brush your hair while it is dry before getting into the shower. Detangling your hair before hopping in to get it wet will help you to avoid problems/damage to your extensions. It will also help the water to flow more evenly through your hair. 

The key to a successful washing of beaded extensions is to remove the residue buildup around the beads as carefully as possible.

Much like hand-tied extensions, it is recommended that you use soft, gentle, motions when washing around the beads. The less they are disturbed, the better. Avoid harsh scrubbing, or massaging the extensions too vigorously. 

When applying conditioner to beaded extensions, always start at the mid-shaft and work to the ends. Getting conditioner near the beads of the extensions will cause a buildup of residue that will weigh down your hair even more.

Allow the conditioner to set in for at least two minutes to help retain moisture.

Throughly Rinse

Once you have completed shampooing and conditioning, take some extra time to make sure all the residue and product that you applied is washed out.

Pay extra (but gentle) attention around the beaded area, as this is where the residue is most likely to build up. Buildup around or inside of the silicone beads can cause irritation, itchiness, and even mold!

Drying Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Next up on the How to Wash Hand-Tied Hair Extensions: now that you are all done showering, what’s the proper way to dry your hair extensions?

Air Dry When You Can

Like with any type of hair extensions (or even natural hair), air drying is always the best. Heat products like blow dryers can dry out and damage our hair, making maintenance even more difficult. 

It is important not to go to bed with wet hair. Doing this can cause tangling, pressure, and won’t allow your hair to dry effectively.

When air drying just isn’t possible (I mean, how many of us can just stand around waiting for our hair to air dry, anyway?), do your best to manually soak up any excess water before using a heat product.

You can do this by taking a towel, and gently patting around the beaded area so that you don’t have to use a heat product longer than is absolutely necessary.

With a towel, you can press/squeeze dry your hair as much as possible to reduce the amount of water that needs to evaporate while drying. Avoid rubbing the area too harshly with a towel. 

Detangling Extensions

There are detangling products that will help you comb through your hair again post-shower. Most of these products contain oils, so it is important that you only apply them from the mid-shaft to the ends to avoid (let’s all say it together…) buildup and residue.

As you can see, buildup and residue are not our friends. The detangling solution will also make it easier to dry your hair with a blow dryer and help prevent damage to your hair. 

When blow-drying, point the dryer downward so that the heat is moving in the same direction as your hair’s cuticles. This will prolong the life of your hair and extensions.

When drying, try not to put too much strain on the hair. Support is where you can so that you are not putting too much weight on the beads.

Make Your Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Last!

Extensions aren’t cheap, and we want to help you make them last a long time.

When you are taking proper care of your extensions, they can last up to six months or even a whole year! However, you have to make sure you are careful and have a routine that you stick to.

Take pride in your extensions by giving them the extra love and gentle care they need. 

We hope our step by step guide on How to Wash Hand-Tied Hair Extensions has helped you!

We love feedback and hearing from you. Do you have any tricks or routines that work best for you when you are caring for your extensions? Let us know and comment below!

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