Wedding season is already in full swing. This means that plenty of brides are putting the finishing touches on their perfect plans. If you’re one of those brides, it’s important to make sure that you’ve not only brought someone else on to put on your own finishing touches on your big day but also that you’re doing all that you can to ensure that things go smoothly.

Whether you’ve already booked a hairstylist and makeup artist or not, keep reading. We’re bringing you the tips you need to ensure that you look and feel your best on your big day.

Leave the Styling to the Pros

There are a number of reasons why a bride might decide to do her own hair and makeup on her big day. Perhaps she’s someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or fuss with her hair on a normal day, and wants to feel like herself when she’s walking down the aisle. Or she might already feel like she’s an expert at managing her own mane, and is confident that she can handle it for her wedding.

Doing your own hair and makeup for your wedding doesn’t automatically spell disaster. But it can add unneeded stress to an already hectic day. You also run the risk of winding up with messy locks or makeup that doesn’t look great in photographs.

Wedding day hair and makeup is very different from your everyday ‘do. Even if you want to wear your hair the same way you do every other day or you want to keep your makeup minimal, there are still a few subtle changes you need to make. For instance, your hair and makeup will need to hold up to a long day that may see tears, rub marks, and exposure to the elements. Hugging relative after relative can quickly leave your carefully-curled locks limp. And too many happy tears might cause you to have long mascara streaks in all of your wedding photos.

Professional hair stylists understand the demands of your wedding day, because they’ve helped dozens if not more brides before you navigate them. They’ll be able to offer tips to keep your look perfect all day long. They may even make recommendations about styles that will be better able to hold up all day long.

Don’t Skip the Trial

In the rush to prepare for your wedding day, it might be tempting to skip your pre-planned hair and makeup trial. But you wouldn’t order a wedding cake without tasting it first. And most brides prefer to try on their wedding dress—or several—before making their choice. So why wouldn’t you do the same with your hair and makeup? After all, both will be front and center on display through your big day.

A hair and makeup trial with Beautify Salon & Spa is about more than just ensuring that your stylist understands what you want and can execute your vision. It’s also a chance to spot any potential problems, gather necessary accessories and supplies, and, perhaps most importantly, to meet the person who will be helping you get ready on your big day.

During your trial, you might discover that the lipstick color you chose clashes with your eye shadow. Your hairstylist might find that the updo you were dreaming of is tough to achieve with your hair’s texture. Your professional stylist and artist will work with you to spot anything that needs work ahead of time, and will start building a relationship that will help you feel relaxed and at ease when your day does finally arrive.

Be Vocal About Your Plans and Opinions to Your Stylist

Along the same lines of not skipping your hair and makeup trial, another thing you’ll want to do to make sure things go smoothly is to be vocal to your stylist about your plans for your big day. Is your ceremony taking place outdoors? Will you be changing dresses for your reception? Will you be taking a hike to get some nature shots? Giving your stylist every detail about your plans will help him or her to better tailor their suggestions and styling to make sure that you won’t lose your updo before your reception or ensure that your makeup will still match multiple evening outfit changes.

Besides letting your stylist know your plans ahead of time, don’t be afraid to speak up during your trial either.

Too many women are afraid to speak up when they aren’t 100 percent happy with a hair or makeup appointment. Your stylist doesn’t have to have messed something up for you to not be happy—you might simply discover that the style or look you thought you wanted doesn’t look the way you expected. Letting him or her know that you might want to make changes during your trial will help you both avoid last-minute stress and headache when you’re in the middle of your real appointment.

Book a Package to Make Getting Ready Even More Special

The morning of your wedding day will come with a few pre-vow jitters, no matter how happy and prepared you are. One great way to ease the stress and make the process of getting ready even more special is to book a bridal package. 

Getting pampered and ready for your walk down the aisle surrounded by your bridal party, mother, mother-in-law, and other close friends or family turns a hair appointment and makeup session into a chance to laugh, smile, and relax. Plus, it’s a simple way to ensure your entire group is on time and where they need to be, which can help take away even more stress for the bride.

Our Bridal Packages can be customized to fit your group, and come with a complimentary glass of champagne and a photo print, as well as hair, makeup, and manicures and pedicures for your group. From the bride herself to the flower girls to mom, we’re here to help everyone look and feel their best.

Avoid Trying New Trends in the Weeks Leading Up to Your Nuptuals

Considering giving your bangs a DIY trim a few weeks before your wedding or trying a new homemade face mask just days ahead of the big day? Don’t.

Nerves, excitement, or just a desire to look your best may have you thinking about trying a new trend or treatment before your wedding day. But too often, this can end in disaster. Your skin may react poorly to a mask and wind up red and irritated. Your simple bang trim might wind up uneven, and your bangs will need to be cut or pulled back for your wedding day ‘do. From haircuts and dyes to skincare or eyebrow plucking, always see a professional if you want to make a change in the weeks or even months leading up to your big day.

Looking and Feeling Your Best on Your Big Day

From finding the perfect lip color to choosing an updo that will look great without falling flat as you dance the night away, there’s a lot that goes into looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. If you’re ready to set yourself up for success, put these tips to work, and give us a call to book your Bridal Package!