Like many cities in the U.S., Henderson, Nevada is home to dozens of nail and hair salons. While this can make it easy to get an appointment, narrowing your options and choosing the best salon can take a little work.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer, and what to know ahead of your next visit.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Nail Salon

Choosing the right salon for your next mani-pedi doesn’t have to be a guessing game if you know what to look for.


One of the most important things to look for when searching for the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer is cleanliness. With so many people coming and going from a nail salon, if cleanliness isn’t a top priority, bacteria and fungus may spread. This can actually put you at risk of developing a bacterial or fungal infection during your next nail appointment.

However, when the salon is properly and thoroughly cleaned, this risk is eliminated. When you first visit a salon, look to see whether each service station appears clean. Take a look at other stations in the salon as well. If you’re worried about the cleanliness, you can always ask the staff about their cleaning and sanitation practices. In addition to cleaning stations, additional sanitation should be performed to prevent the spread of germs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Nail Service Options

Regardless of how clean or well-rated a salon is, if they don’t offer the nail services that you were hoping for, they aren’t the right choice for you. Maybe you like a classic gel manicure. Or want to indulge in a pampering pedicure treatment. Whatever your preference, check to make sure that the salon that you’re considering visiting offers it.

If you’re up for trying something new, check to see if the salon offers any special or unique services. For instance, when you visit the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer, you have the chance to try Gravity-Pulled Glass Gel Nails or a Million Dollar Pedi Peel.

Gravity-Pulled Glass Gel nails are an innovative nail option that doesn’t lift, crack, or yellow, and has no odor. Plus, they’re ultra-lightweight, giving you a more natural feel, but with more durability than acrylic nails.

During a Million Dollar Pedi Peel, your stylist will apply a cooling mask that is designed to remove calluses and exfoliate your feet. This is followed by grooming and exfoliation of your legs and feet.

Don’t just stop at nail services either; opting for a salon that also offers other beauty services, like hair and makeup, means you can make just one stop when you’re looking to enjoy some head-to-toe pampering.

Fresh Air

If you’re ever walked into a salon with poor ventilation and felt the smell and fumes hit you square in the nose, you know just how important fresh air is. A good salon will take measures to ensure that air is circulating throughout the space, giving both guests and staff a breath of fresh air. This means a chance to relax and breathe easy during your appointment, rather than having to breathe in the fumes.

Customer Service

When you’re choosing to treat yourself to a mani, Pedi, or both, the last thing you want is to feel as though your stylist is wanting to rush your appointment or be greeted at the front desk with rude staff.

Great customer service can make all the difference in your next visit to the salon. This is something you’ll likely be able to tell from the moment that you walk in the door. But if you want to know what to expect ahead of your appointment, the next tip will help.

Check the Reviews

One simple way to help make the process of finding the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer is to look for online reviews. Reviews allow you to see what previous customers thought of their visit to the salon. Specifically, look for reviews that mention cleaning measures, customer service, and quality of services for the price.

What to Know Ahead of Your First Visit to the Best Nail Salon Henderson, Nevada Has to Offer

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and chosen the best salon in your area, it’s time to prepare for your appointment.

Check Out Our Services Ahead of Time

Before your visit to the best nail salon in Henderson, Nevada, it’s a good idea to check out our services. This will give you time to decide what you might like to try, and save you time when you arrive at the salon.

Bring Along Your Inspiration

If you’ve seen a beautiful manicure or unique pedicure idea while scrolling social media, make sure to save it, and bring the picture to show to your stylist. This is much easier than trying to describe your vision. Your stylist will help you figure out the color, style, and design that best suits you and measures up to your inspiration.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

If you’re someone who always tends to get the same manicure month after month, year after year, challenge yourself to try something new on your next appointment. Even if it’s a small change, like giving Glass-Pulled Glass Gel nails a try rather than opting for your normal acrylics, you might be surprised to find your new favorite style!

Booking an Appointment at the Best Nail Salon Henderson, Nevada Has to Offer

Now that you know what to look for in the best nail salon Henderson, Nevada has to offer, it’s time to book your next appointment.
At Beautify, we offer a variety of manicure and pedicure options, as well as a full suite of hair and makeup services. Check out our services today, then book your next appointment online to see for yourself the difference that visiting a great salon can make!