The new year is in full swing, which means that we’re already starting to see the hair and beauty trends that will dominate in 2022. Following in the footsteps of recent years, 2022 is set to see plenty of daring trends, dramatic haircuts, colorful and bold makeup, and a focus on self-care and all things natural. 

Ready to upgrade your look for the new year? Keep reading to learn a few of the hair and beauty trends to watch in 2022, and how the best salon in Henderson, Las Vegas can help you to give them a try.

Dramatic and Throwback Haircuts

Every few years, a hairstyle from the past comes back into fashion. The year 2022 is no exception. Already this year, we have seen a few vintage and dramatic haircuts come back into style. Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and leading the charge for these throwback styles.

The shag cut is one style that has come back into fashion. This style rose to fame in the early 1970s. It’s back this year, with tons of chopped layers. While it might be a throwback to a past decade, this hairstyle is actually pretty low maintenance and looks good on a variety of hair textures and lengths. Taylor Swift has previously rocked a shag haircut, as has Billie Eilish, Jennifer Lopez, and Kristin Bell.

Another hairstyle that’s coming back in style is the classic ‘90s bob with a part down the middle. This style usually goes hand-in-hand with straight locks and less volume, but those with curly or wavy hair can also rock a variation of this style, usually with the help of a few layers.

Self-Care is In

Since the start of 2020, the constant stress of COVID-19 and ongoing lockdowns and work-from-home orders did have one positive side effect — many people began embracing and regularly practicing self-care. From at-home masks and other skin and hair care routines to setting aside time in their day to relax and unwind, self-care will continue to be “in” in 2022.

But not all self-care has to take place in the home. Now that restrictions and lockdowns are lifted, those wanting to take their self-care to the next level can head to the best salon in Henderson, Las Vegas to indulge in some luxurious hair treatments. Try a relaxing Tea Tree Scalp Treatment, which removes dead skin and hydrates the scalp. Or, enjoy a wash and blowout before your next date night to give yourself an added boost of confidence.

Natural Beauty Reigns

Another trend that’s been around a while and showing no signs of disappearing anytime soon is natural beauty. Light touches of makeup designed to enhance your natural features rather than covering them up is a trend that’s seen both in everyday makeup routines, as well as for weddings and other fancier events.

If you’re someone who struggles to achieve that effortless, natural look, consider booking a professional makeup appointment before your next event. Your stylist can work with you to achieve the look you’re dreaming of, and help to choose the right shades and colors to help bring out your own radiant beauty.

Long Layers With Lots of Volume

Lengthy layers are one hair trend that’s almost always in style. But the popular way to style those long locks seems to change every few years. Some years, super straight hair with no layers is in. Other times, textured locks with a layered look are more in style.

In 2022, long hair with long layers and lots of volume is coming back into style. Straying from the more dramatic hair trend we mentioned earlier in this list, these layers are soft. This creates a natural and effortless style.

If your hair hasn’t quite reached the length that you want or if you prefer to keep it shorter, you can still borrow from this trend. Using long layers, relative to your hair’s length, and adding plenty of volume is a good way to give your hairstyle an upgrade in 2022. But if you really want to rock this look, consider using hair extensions to give your locks some length. With Bellami hair extensions, a new offering at Beautify Salon in 2022, you get beautiful, 100% human Remy hair that’s easy to apply and super discrete!

If you’re struggling to achieve volume each day without falling victim to frizz and split ends, it might be time to visit the best salon in Henderson, Las Vegas. Regular visits to your stylist for a trim and to reshape your layers can help. But if you want to take things to the next level, schedule a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment for your next visit. Both are designed to treat dry, brittle, or frizzy hair. These treatments will tame your locks and add a boost of healthy shine.

Men are Getting in on the Fun, Too

Makeup and perfectly manicured nails aren’t just for the girls. Men are also jumping in on these trends in 2022. More men than ever before are deciding to get manicures that include polish. It’s a simple, low-maintenance way to make a statement and try out a new beauty trend that showcases your personal style.

Of course, even those who don’t want to add polish can — and should — schedule a manicure and pedicure. Regular visits to a nail tech can help to support healthy nails and hands, and even decrease stress, alleviate anxiety, and reduce the signs of aging in your hands.

Whether you want to clean up your nails to keep them healthy and polished looking or want to go all-in with a bold color and shape, our nail technicians are here to help.

Trying the Top Trends in 2022 — With Help From the Best Salon in Henderson, Las Vegas

Whether you’re ready to try a whole new hairstyle or want to mix up your beauty routine, these 2022 trends are perfect for getting inspired to upgrade your look. From hand-tied hair extensions to cuts, colors, and beauty treatments, the best salon in Henderson, Las Vegas can help you achieve all of your hair, makeup, and nail dreams. Schedule your next appointment today to see for yourself what our experienced stylists can do!