Unwanted hair on your face and chin, while natural, can leave you feeling embarrassed in your own skin.

While you could use a razor to swipe away stubble, this can lead to irritation and doesn’t remove the hair at the root. Within a couple of days — or even less — that hair will be back.

Waxing is the best way to remove any unwanted facial hair completely, leaving your beautiful skin to shine through. A visit to a salon offering professional waxing will help you get the results you’re dreaming of safely and without irritating your skin.

Ready to book a session with the best facial waxing Henderson has to offer? Keep reading to learn more about what you can wax and how to prepare for your next appointment.

What to Wax

Before you can schedule an appointment for the best facial waxing Henderson, Nevada has to offer, you’ll need to choose what parts of your face you want to have waxed.

While most people think of only their eyebrows when they think about getting a facial wax at a salon, you can actually get the same treatment for most of your face. It all depends on where you have hair growth that you’d like to get rid of.

What Can You Wax?

It’s completely normal to have hair growth on your chin, lip, and elsewhere on your face. Everyone, including both men and women, has something called vellus follicles on their faces. These follicles produce fine hair that’s usually light in color. This hair is often referred to as “peach fuzz.” From an evolutionary standpoint, these hairs exist to help our bodies better regulate our temperature.

However, during puberty, when our hormone production ramps up, some individuals may begin to experience darker, thicker, and coarser hair growth. This can turn that virtually un-noticeable peach fuzz into hair that’s easy to spot. 

This hair tends to be particularly noticeable on our chins and upper lips. Luckily, this is nothing that a facial wax can’t fix. Regular appointments with the best chin waxing Henderson has to offer, or perhaps the best lip waxing Henderson, NV has to offer, you can get rid of that dark hair and enjoy smooth, beautiful skin.

The Choice is Yours

How dark and thick the hair on your face grows in will vary from one individual to the next, so what you choose to wax will vary as well. It’s totally up to you what you choose to wax! If you’re unsure of what you need to wax, you can always speak to an experienced stylist about your options first.

The same goes not just for areas where you don’t typically want hair growth, but for your eyebrows as well! Full, thick eyebrows are having a moment. But if you want yours to be polished and perfect, an eyebrow waxing appointment is still a must. And if you prefer a sleek, thin look, you’ll want to schedule regular visits to your stylist to keep your eyebrows perfectly shaped.

Struggling with hair growth outside of areas like your upper lip and chin? A full facial wax will target unwanted hair growth everywhere.

How to Prepare for a Facial Waxing Appointment

Booking an appointment with the best facial waxing Henderson has to offer is the first step to getting the beautiful, smooth skin that you’re dreaming of. But there are also a few things that you can do to prepare for your appointment that can help enhance your results and get you the smoothest skin possible.

Check Your Skin

Waxing is a safe way to get rid of unwanted skin. But in order for waxing to be safe, you need to make sure that your skin is healthy ahead of your appointment.

If you have any cuts, scrapes, or otherwise broken skin on your face, you’ll want to reschedule your appointment. Rashes and sunburns may also be irritated by the wax, so you’ll want to wait for those to fade before getting a wax.

Unsure of whether your skin is healthy enough for a waxing appointment? Check with your stylist — they’ll let you know whether it’s safe for you to book a session.

Skip the Shave

It can be tempting to shave your face in between wax sessions. But if you want the smoothest skin possible, you’ll want to allow your hair to grow out. This will ensure that the wax can ‘grab’ each hair follicle. Not only does this result in a closer wax, but it also helps to make your session more comfortable.

Exfoliate Away Dead Skin

A day before your next waxing appointment, exfoliate your face with a gentle, natural scrub. This will help clear away dead skin so that your skin is prepped for waxing. 

Don’t scrub too hard, as this can irritate or even tear your skin. Rub your face lightly, making circular motions. Opt for an exfoliant that is gentle on your skin. All-natural products are best, as some exfoliants utilize plastic beads to slog away dead skin. While effective at achieving that goal, these products can be abrasive on the sensitive skin of your face. It may even cause rashes or micro-tears. These will be further irritated by your waxing session, which could leave you with an even worse rash or lasting redness.

Choosing the Best Facial Waxing Henderson Has to Offer

Now that you know what you can wax and how to prepare for your next appointment to guarantee a closer wax, it’s time to book a session. Don’t trust just anyone with your skin. Whether you want to wax your chin or upper lip, or your entire face, the best facial waxing Henderson has to offer will ensure you get the soft, smooth, beautiful skin that you’re dreaming of.
Book your appointment online today with one of our experienced stylists, and we’ll help you get rid of unwanted facial hair so that your beautiful, smooth skin can shine through.