Just when you thought you were safe from all those pesky holidays, along comes Valentine’s Day (in case you forgot, it’s on February 14th). It’s a holiday that many people have come to love or hate, embrace or avoid. 

Regardless of your feelings about the day dedicated to love, you deserve to look and feel your very best– which is why you should take some time to treat yourself or your significant other in preparation of the inevitable Friday the 14th (hey, at least it’s on a Friday!). 

Our team at Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson is here to help you prepare. 

Not sure where to start? 

Lucky for you, we have four suggestions on how you can make your Valentine’s Day experience that much better!

#1 Make Those Lashes Pop

Batting those long beautiful eyelashes at someone is not just a romance tactic used in cartoons. The allure of our eyes is a real thing!  

According to Psychology Today, eye-to-eye contact causes arousal. Don’t read too much into it, though, it depends on the parties involved, but you get the point!

Studies also show that our eyes convey our true emotions and character. Therefore, it is important that your eyes make a good impression. 

The best way to have that deep, romantic, meaningful gaze with someone, you’ve got to make those eyes pop

Beautifying your lashes can help make that happen, girl!

At Beautify Salon and Spa, we’ve got everything you need for those lashes. Classic Lash Extensions, Hybrid Lash Extensions, Volume Lash Extensions, a Customized Lash Set, or even a lash lift and tint!

You’ll be sure to get all the eye contact you want on Valentine’s Day when you beautify those lashes.

#2 Get Your Hair Done!

Imagine this; you’re meeting your significant other in a fancy restaurant, and walk-in with a beautiful outfit, manicured nails (oh don’t worry, we’ll get to that), and thick flowing eyelashes (*wink wink*). 

There’s just one thing out of place…

Your hair is all sorts of disorderly because you were rushing to get it done, and things just didn’t work out the way they were supposed to. 

How is that for a blunder in the daydream? 

Normally, we are all very capable of doing our own hair for a special occasion, but sometimes it is nice to leave something this important to the professionals. 

Change things up a bit and treat yourself with a new cut, style, or color. On Valentine’s Day, go that extra mile girl friend!

Why not take advantage of one of the many Hair Services that Beauty Salon and Spa has to offer? 

Get a basic trim, cut out a new style to surprise your significant other (or maybe attract a significant other), or if you are feeling especially creative, get your hair colored! 

Let that head of hair be the centerpiece of the masterpiece– which is you! 

#3 Make Those Hands and Feet Touchable

Okay, maybe it isn’t as important to have your feet touchable (depending on what you’re into), but while preparing for one’s Valentine’s Day debut, oftentimes, the hands and feet get overlooked. 

Don’t just trim your nails and lather that polish. You want to make sure your skin is soft, comfortable, and pampered on your special day. 

If you plan on wearing open-toed shoes, the LAST thing you want is for your feet to look like you just got done hiking across the country with calluses bulging out, and chipped nails from stubbing your toes (we know it happens). 

Get a pedicure!! 

Whether your feet need an overhaul, you want something simple, or want something elegant, Beautify Salon and Spa offers a variety of pedicure options that will make your feet look, feel, and smell great! 

Oh yeah baby, that’s right, we said smell…

When you hold someone’s hand, what is the first thing you notice– other than how cold or hot they are? Perhaps you can feel how rough or soft they are? 

If your hands are dry or rough on Valentine’s Day, they won’t be much for holding. If you have uneven nails, hangnails, or cracked nails, they won’t be much for looking at, either. 

We aren’t saying this will happen for sure, but you should know that according to an American Express Report, an average of six million couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day, every year. 

If your fingers don’t look up to par, you may be taking selfies of your beautiful ring against a less-than-favorable finger…which you will have to look back on for the rest of your life. 

So, no pressure at all, but it is strongly suggested that you get yourself a manicure. Where better to do this than while visiting Beautify Salon and Spa?

#4 Enhance your Natural Beauty with Professional Makeup!

Whether you wear makeup on a daily basis or not, painting that beautiful canvas of a face on a special evening is just the ticket to show your significant other you took the time to enhance your already beautiful features or to reel in an attractive stranger.

Our face is (supposed to be) the first thing people look at when they are meeting us for the first time, or meeting us for the thousandth time. 

Make that meeting special on Valentine’s Day by giving your face a makeover. 

Beautify Salon and Spa can help you with your brows, eye makeup, contouring and highlights, professionally applied lash strips, full face makeup, and more! 

Let’s paint that canvas girl! https://beautifysalon.wpengine.com/services/makeovers/

Make This Valentine’s Day the Best One Yet!!

The truth is, we are all beautiful in our own way, from the inside out. Even without all the fancy extras that our world has to offer. 

You probably don’t need to be anything but yourself to attract your significant other. However, in celebration of yourself, your lover, and/or your potential future lover, consider going the extra mile to make yourself the aesthetic masterpiece that you truly are on Valentine’s Day. 

We, at Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson, Nevada, would be happy to make your day extra special, in any way we can. 

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