You’ve let the stylists at Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson color your hair to perfection. Maybe you took the leap and finally dried that daring color you’ve always dreamed of rocking. Or you prefer to stick to your go-to tone. 

In either case, if you want to make your color last and look as good as it did leaving the salon days and weeks after your appointment, it’s important to learn how to properly care for your dyed hair at home.

Ready to protect your hair color between appointments at Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson? Keep reading to learn 10 ways you might be ruining your dyed hair.

1. Shampooing Too Soon

After the initial excitement of enjoying your new hairstyle and color, you’ll find yourself tempted to hop in the shower. Whether you want to wash away any loose hair left behind from your cut or are just someone who likes to end or start your day with a hot shower, think twice before stepping under the stream.

After dying your hair, it’s very important to wait at least 72 hours before shampooing your hair. That’s because it takes up to 3 days for your hair’s cuticle layer to close, locking the color in place. If you shower before this occurs, you run the risk of washing away some of that color, leaving your hair looking much duller, or even changing the tone of your new hair color.

When it does come time to wash your hair, you’ll want to upgrade your shampoo, too. A color-safe shampoo will help reduce the chance of damaging or dulling your dyed locks.

2. Washing Too Often

When you’re ready to start washing your hair with your new shampoo — after 72 hours, of course — you’ll want to rethink your routine. Washing your hair too often may actually be damaging to all hair, whether it’s dyed or not. If you wash your hair too often, you run the risk of rinsing away good oils that help keep your hair shiny and moisturized.

After your hair is dyed, your stands will be more susceptible to the effects of water. This means it will lose more good oils when you shower and may be damaged more easily. To avoid unnecessary damage, avoid showering too often. You can use a dry shampoo in between showers to keep your hair light and reduce excess oil.

3. Using the Wrong Conditioner

It isn’t just your shampoo that will need an upgrade after you’ve let the expert stylists at Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson color your hair. Conditioner is very important for colored hair. It helps add back essential moisture that might be lost after treating your hair.

But you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing the right conditioner. Just like with shampoo, you’ll need to opt for a color-safe formula. If you notice that your hair is extra dry after getting it colored, opt for a leave-in conditioner to give your strands a boost of hydration.

4. Rinsing With Anything But Cool Water and Drying With a Rough Towel

Washing too often will strip your hair of its moisture and damage your strands. But it isn’t the only culprit. Rinsing your colored locks with hot water and rubbing them dry with a rough towel can also lead to damage.

Opt for lukewarm or cold water when rinsing your hair to protect the cuticle layer and your beautiful new color. Instead of reaching for a regular towel, use a soft hair towel or an old t-shirt, and gently pat your hair dry rather than rubbing it. When possible, it’s best to let your hair air dry.

5. Laying on the Heat Tools

Now that you know that your shampoo, conditioner, towel, and even your water temperature could be damaging your colored hair. So it makes sense that your heat tools are, too.

Heat tools can be damaging to all hair, whether it’s colored or not, though heat protectants and the right tools can help. But colored hair is particularly at risk of damage. Using heat tools on your locks can actually cause the dye to fade. That’s because the heat lifts your hair’s cuticle, allowing the color locked inside to fade.

Embrace your natural hair texture alongside your new tone to avoid this. If you can’t resist your curling iron, plan to visit us at Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson a little more often to refresh your color.

6. Skipping Moisturizing Treatments

After coloring your hair, and especially if you color it often, you might notice that your locks seem more dry than usual. You can combat this with the right hydrating treatments.

Deep conditioning masks and oils are great for keeping your hair hydrated, beautiful, and strong. Make sure that you’re choosing treatments that are safe to use on colored hair, and avoid using these until at least 72 hours after dying your hair.

7. Exposing Your Hair to Too Much Sun

Looking forward to embracing a new hair color to go with a fresh new summer style? Before you show it off in the bright summer sun, consider the damage that you could be doing.

The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on your locks just as much as it does on your skin. It’s the same reason that you might get natural highlights during the summer months. These UV rays can also fade and discolor your dyed hair. Wear a hat or stay in the shade to protect your new color from the sun.

Let Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson Help You Get the Hair Color You’re Dreaming Of

Following these simple tips can help you to protect your hair and keep your new color looking beautiful even longer in between appointments.
Ready to embrace a new color, add some highlights, or refresh your current look? Schedule your next visit to Beautify Salon and Spa in Henderson and let our stylists work their magic and bring your hair dreams to life!