If you’re looking for a natural-looking, sun-kissed hair look, a balayage might be just the style of hair coloring that you’re looking for!

At Beautify Salon and Spa you can sit back and relax with complimentary mimosa and achieve the effortless, natural hair look– effortlessly.

Let’s talk 4 reasons to consider balayage before you plop right down in that salon chair. Beautify is here to give you the real tea on what is up with the balayage hair color style:

What is balayage?

Let’s get back to the basics girl. What even is a balayage and is it ideal for your hair?

Balayage highlights are also called “hair painting”. Balayage consists of hair painting that begins at the roots and gradually becomes heavier as it travels downward, creating the lightest color at the ends of the hair.

In other words, it’s a natural, gradual transition of color to give you those beachy hair vibes you have always wanted girl!

5 reasons to consider balayage beautify salon and spa henderson nv balayage salon


That brings us to our first point- balayage works for virtually any hair type!

Contrary to popular belief, a balayage can be done on any hair color– from blonde hair to red to brown. It’s beautiful on long hair and on medium-length hair. It’s really a style that can work for any hair type, making it such a beautiful popular choice in today’s hair world!

2. Low Maintenance

The beauty of a balayage, much like the ombré, is that this style of hair coloring doesn’t require frequent touchups. The soft and subtle concession of hair color creates a softened root, so grow out is able to blend right in!

3. Natural Dimensional Looks

As you now know, balayage adds natural, subtle color dimension to your hair. So if you’re looking to change up your look a bit, but you’re not looking for a dramatic change, a balayage is the way to go.

Keep the colors close to your current color and blend it into more dramatic tones, or go all out with it! The beauty of balayage is the different options for dimension– you can do anything with it! This brings us to our next point…

4. Balayage Works For Any Season

The balayage hair color style is versatile. It works for every season, no matter the colors or tones! But you can still warm it up for winter if you want, or cool it down for summer– it’s your choice!

Choose some darker, warmer blonde or chocolate tones to move into fall and winter seamlessly, or add a natural glow and lighter tone to your hair as we move into the summer months!

4 Reasons To Consider Balayage – Beautify Salon and Spa

No matter what your beauty needs are, we are here to help you! Trust our friendly and experienced staff to help you achieve your balayage goals!

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